Death by Star Trek


Wow. Just wow.

Take a minute. Let’s get one more “wow” in. OK. WOW.

Seems a coffin and urn manufacturer called Eternal Image (you may have heard of them before) pulled quite the licensing deal. It’s now providing officially licensed Star Trek caskets and urns so that when you die and go on to that great gig in the sky, you’ll feel just like Captain Kirk. If you’re cheap and go the way of cremation, the 2009 urn will make your dead loved one look like a creepy black orb. Lovely. Way to go out in style.

The casket, however, is actually pretty bad ass. It’s got a nice red velvet interior, plenty of Star Trek symbols and what looks like a “power on” switch on the side. It’d probably make a cool bed for children. Vampire children, that is. Hit the jump for a picture of the coffin.


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  1. ok, im totally requesting at my death, that i be buried in one of these super cool star trek coffins!!!

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