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Haier MP3 mobile phone, small and kinda awkward

The announcement of the Apple iPhone was perhaps the biggest story that bloggers have latched onto like a suckling calf. It’s almost guaranteed to be the biggest story of 2007, and we’re not even half a month through it yet. So, it’s understandable that other companies are jumping on the band wagon of integration. Haier announced its Y-MP3190 to an ...

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The Keyboard is sure to start the party up

Razzle dazzle may not be a word you normally hear used to describe a computer keyboard, but Luxiium’s Luxeed sparkles like no other keyboard before it. Each key can be personalized with a choice of 512 colors with pre-made color templates preloaded. Not only colors can be changed, but rhythm. The skins can be coordinated to move to the beat ...

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DIY LCD TV wall mounting the easy way

No doubt about it. Buying your first LCD screen is an enlightening experience. While testing the product at the store, your mouth salivates with anticipation and awe at the clear color. Once you’ve made the decision to own one of these flatscreen suckers, the trouble begins. How do you hang the damn thing up without losing your pride and asking ...

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The Hybrid Laptop Case solar charges your laptop

CES 2007 is 5 days away and counting and more details are pouring through the wire as the 8th approaches. Eclipse Solar Gear is said to be displaying it’s Hybrid Notebook Case which not only looks like it could secure a laptop through a nuclear war, but also has the very cool feature of charging your laptop through solar panels ...

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LG to introduce LG-K970 Shine mobile at CES 2007

More CES rumors are flooding in and it seems like it’s going to be a great year for gearheads. LG is planning on introducing it’s LG-K970 at CES 2007, which seems to be the same phone that was featured in T3 magazine, then called the 3G Shine. With its signature mirror display and the 2 megapixel camera, the K970 is ...

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