The Hybrid Laptop Case solar charges your laptop

eclipse solar gear hybrid notebook case

CES 2007 is 5 days away and counting and more details are pouring through the wire as the 8th approaches. Eclipse Solar Gear is said to be displaying it’s Hybrid Notebook Case which not only looks like it could secure a laptop through a nuclear war, but also has the very cool feature of charging your laptop through solar panels on the case. If it sounds like a helping hand to over heat your lappie, think again. The Hybrid case also includes a thermal cooling system for those hot days.

And if that wasn’t enough, the case also supplies an auxiliary battery capable of giving your Mp3 player and cell phone a charge if they are on the fritz. The case will be available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and casing depending on your needs. — Andrew Dobrow

Eclipse Solar Gear to display Hybrid Notebook Case at 2007 CES [Laptoping]

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  1. I hate to be a wet blanket, but aren’t solat cells EXTREMLY DELICATE AND FRAGILE? In my mind the point of a case is to protect the laptop. If I were to buy a case that required a case of its’ own, I’d think myself quite a fool… A nifty idea, but I won’t be the first kid on the block to run out and drop my cash on this gadget. Are outlets really that hard to find anyway? If I were camping or somthing I could see the point, but I know that when I camp, BRIEFCASE

  2. (CONT.) is about the last thing on the list, right behind toilet plunger.

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