Haier MP3 mobile phone, small and kinda awkward

haier y-mp3190 mp3 phone

The announcement of the Apple iPhone was perhaps the biggest story that bloggers have latched onto like a suckling calf. It’s almost guaranteed to be the biggest story of 2007, and we’re not even half a month through it yet. So, it’s understandable that other companies are jumping on the band wagon of integration.

Haier announced its Y-MP3190 to an eager audience at CES 2007. The MP3 phone is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. With a sleek black design and a miniscule measurement of 3.5×1.25×0.75-inches of compact technical glee.

The Haier phone supports MP3 playback, OLED display options, an FM stereo tuner, a Bluetooth stereo transmitter, a USB memory drive, a voice recorder, an internal memory of 128MB, and a trans-flash memory expansion slot to cater to data hounds and MP3 pirates.

The phone will be available in Febuary, so for those who are interested won’t have to wait long. The only point of critiscm we have to offer is that the number keys look mighty awkward. We believe a phone should feel like a phone. The integration of MP3 controls in this tiny package gets sort of muddled in with the phone controls, which is what makes the Apple iPhone’s touchscreen such a welcome change for the market of MP3 integration.

haier y-mp3190 mp3 phone

haier y-mp3190 mp3 phone

Andrew Dobrow

Haier to launch a new MP3 mobile phone ‘Y-MP3190’ [AVING USA]

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