DIY LCD TV wall mounting the easy way

monster powermount

No doubt about it. Buying your first LCD screen is an enlightening experience. While testing the product at the store, your mouth salivates with anticipation and awe at the clear color. Once you’ve made the decision to own one of these flatscreen suckers, the trouble begins. How do you hang the damn thing up without losing your pride and asking a handyman to do it? The Monster PowerMount (shown at CES 2007) puts the power of the handyman in your grasps, creating this useful contraption that makes DIY LCD installment a simple task. While the mount only works on LCDs up to 24 inches, the PowerMount has a built in cable management system to ensure no dangling or misplaced wires, not to mention a lower risk of tangling. While mounting the LCD still does involve work and effort, it at least can be done as a DIY project, with the ending result being a rousing success. — Andrew Dobrow

Monster makes LCD mounting DIY [SCIFI]

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