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Retro Rewind: The 1924 electric car

If you’re reading this, odds are that you weren’t alive to see how early of a jump people got on creating environmentally friendly cars. The pictured article was published in the April 1924 issue of Popular Mechanics. While the motive behind the article was most likely for sales reasons and a certain “cool” factor and not for the post-discovered global ...

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ASUS Lamborghini VX2 notebook, for rich racers only

Maybe you caught them during the keynote, maybe you never watched it to begin with. Either way, these new laptops will make heads turn for sure. They were shown during Bill Gate’s opening keynote speech for CES 2007, but just for a quick second while scrolling through the rest of Vista compatible laptops that will be released alongside with the ...

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Mercedes new S Class S600 convertible: Concept of cool

Just released today, concept photos of the new S600 Mercedes convertible. This thing just looks like fluid, like pure, aerodynamic, and sleek mayhem. And we mean mayhem in the very best sense of the word. The transformation from sedan to convertible makes the S600 versatile. Put the top up for class, and put it down for coolness and fun. A ...

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