Mercedes new S Class S600 convertible: Concept of cool

mercedes s600 convertible

Just released today, concept photos of the new S600 Mercedes convertible. This thing just looks like fluid, like pure, aerodynamic, and sleek mayhem. And we mean mayhem in the very best sense of the word. The transformation from sedan to convertible makes the S600 versatile. Put the top up for class, and put it down for coolness and fun. A cool little addition to the S600 is the “AirScarf”, which is a series of vents aligned to keep your neck heated during the deep chill of winter. The photos lead us to believe that the S600 is more then just a concept, but a basic production model. This thing looks too good to be conceptual.

mercedes s600 convertible

Andrew Dobrow

Mercedes shows S Class convertible [Crave]

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  1. just ordered mine from omaha nebraska! obsidian black and black interior, i am pumped!

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