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Dear Diary, Today I Dropped The Soap: Blogging from Prison with P:log

Some prisons already have computer centers, but where’s the true grit? Where’s the crucifix-knife shankings and the soap droppings? Where are the horror stories we’ve heard about from our own brains fellow crime breakers? P:log, designed by Yejin Mun, is a self-contained blogging station for inmates, allowing prisoners to share tales from their daily doings with friends and families. P:log ...

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Pope Endorses Use of Blogging by Priests, Amen

Pope Benedict XVI is hip. He’s with it. He knows that blogging is becoming a religion, or perhaps a cult, all its own. In fact, he’s so digitally connected that he recently endorsed, no no, ENCOURAGED the use of blogging by the clergy for spreading the word of God. That should attract all of those damn Gen Y whipper-snappers. I’ve ...

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Gearfuse.com Becomes Premiere Parkour Destination

Gearfuse.com, one of the finest websites on the Internet, will now become a parkour-focused website. The move will enable Gearfuse to post more YouTube clips of Frenchmen jumping across buildings than ever before. Publisher Steve Rufer said that he is “grateful we could make this kind of switch. I recently moved to Paris and can’t stop jumping over women and ...

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There Is Blog Problem In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has bristled at Sacha Baron Cohen’s depiction of the Central Asian nation in his popular Borat movie. They say they’re not a bunch of anti-semites who marry their siblings. Kazakhstan may not hate the Jews, but they sure don’t like Livejournal.

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Yummy Kitchen Connect for food blogging and recipe sharing

Food and recipe blogs have become an underrated force in the blogging world. The Yummy Kitchen Connect, an entry in the Microsoft / IDSA Design Competition, might win the food talk a little extra recognition. We’ve seen some really cool kitchen design in the past, but the Yummy might be the most usable of the bunch for every day life. ...

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