Yummy Kitchen Connect for food blogging and recipe sharing


Food and recipe blogs have become an underrated force in the blogging world. The Yummy Kitchen Connect, an entry in the Microsoft / IDSA Design Competition, might win the food talk a little extra recognition. We’ve seen some really cool kitchen design in the past, but the Yummy might be the most usable of the bunch for every day life. The Kitchen Connector will join you and your kitchen to the food blogging network. Specially designed for the kitchen, the Yummy takes up very little room, fitting on the wall like a wall calender. The Yummy takes the information from your kitchen and food life, such as food you have available, diet schedule, and saved recipes and recommends food to make that you might like. Think of it as your kitchen Tivo. The Yummy can also access media such as podcasts, video blogs, music, webtv, and Skype for kitchen calling. All in a useful touchscreen interface.



Andrew Dobrow

Submission 509: Yummy [Start Something, via BornRich]

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  1. I would like to get more information on who the designers of the yummy kitchen connect is? Please forward their contact details to me as soon as possible… Many Thanks Christopher

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