Dear Diary, Today I Dropped The Soap: Blogging from Prison with P:log

Some prisons already have computer centers, but where’s the true grit? Where’s the crucifix-knife shankings and the soap droppings? Where are the horror stories we’ve heard about from our own brains fellow crime breakers? P:log, designed by Yejin Mun, is a self-contained blogging station for inmates, allowing prisoners to share tales from their daily doings with friends and families. P:log would allow for total anonymity except for those special few who happen to know the inmate, in which case they’re free to check on their loved ones jail log whenever they desire.

I think an outlet like this for inmates would be healthy. Keep their brain functioning but don’t allow them to send out anything too cryptic. Keep them connected to society so the return back into its threshold won’t be the drastic institutionalized mess that the corrections system has become. I’m all for this being integrated into minimum security prisons. Leave the child molesters and murders to rot for all I care.


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