There Is Blog Problem In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has bristled at Sacha Baron Cohen’s depiction of the Central Asian nation in his popular Borat movie. They say they’re not a bunch of anti-semites who marry their siblings. Kazakhstan may not hate the Jews, but they sure don’t like Livejournal.

Recently Livejournal has become the home of a blog written by a prominent opponent of Kazakh despot Nursultan Nazarbayev. In the past, Nazarbayev has blocked the country’s access to sites he dislikes. Two years ago, Kazakhstan shut down the official Borat web site.

Kazakhtelecom told reporters they had nothing to do with the issue and the government has yet to respond to questions. Most Kazakh internet users haven’t been able to access the emo-diary site, but folks who mask their location or use small ISP’s are still able to whine and post cute livestock pics on their Livejournals.


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