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China Demands PC Censorship

Dell, HP, Apple and plenty of other computer manufacturers are flipping a shit today. Know why? It’s because China is nothing but a pro-censorship, communist country that shelters its people from truth. Starting next month, all computers going into the country will have to contain software that filters websites that China deems “unhealthy.” News, video and plenty of other websites ...

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Apple Ruins Everyones Fun

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I’ll get a girl pregnant. I stay with her for nine months and once that baby pops out, I grab it right out of the doctor’s hands and start shaking that little porker as hard as I possibly can. At least that’s what Apple would like you to believe. They removed the 99-cent “Baby Shaker” app ...

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There Is Blog Problem In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has bristled at Sacha Baron Cohen’s depiction of the Central Asian nation in his popular Borat movie. They say they’re not a bunch of anti-semites who marry their siblings. Kazakhstan may not hate the Jews, but they sure don’t like Livejournal.

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