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Yummy Gummi Chandelier

I like gummi bears. I like ’em a lot. Good thing artist and designer YaYa Chou likes gummi bears, too. She makes a slew of gummi bear goodies like this chandelier by linking them together with monofilament wire. The end product is a kick ass light source that’s good enough to eat. Other gummi bear works of YaYa Chou include ...

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Mutant Teddy Bear for the blooming goth child

If you wanna get your kid a prank gift, and also want to scare them for life, you might of just found the match for the gift. The Mutant Teddy Bear looks like it was made a little too close to a nuclear power plant, if you know what we mean. The Mutant Bears are extremely humorous to us, but ...

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