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iPhone App BeautyMeter Pulled for Underage Jailbait Porn

By a show of hands, who loves porn? Don’t be ashamed! I don’t blame you if you’ve felt a little guilt over the past few weeks with the way Apple shuns the nude female form. But in this second case of porn removal (so far), we can at least see the legal sense. Free iPhone app “BeautyMeter,” which was sort ...

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NEWS FLASH: CRUNCHGEAR BLOGGER NICHOLAS DELEON IS “SQUEAMISH WHEN IT COMES TO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE.” THE REPORT COMES ON THE HEELS OF THE RELEASE OF SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING, A SURVIVAL HORROR VIDEO GAME. SAID VIOLENCE INCLUDES: ?the OFLC [the Australian ratings board] cited several high impact scenes in the game, mostly focusing on drilling into and severing body parts. One scene ...

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Three French Journalists Tossed From Black Hat ’08

We’re not actively covering the Black Hat 2008 security conference currently going on in Las Vegas but there is some crazy stuff happening. Similar to when I attended Defcon years ago with Hack a Day, there was a Wall of Sheep. The WoS displays people who got hacked and insecure connections to prove a point and expose weaknesses in wireless ...

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