T-Mobile G1 Sells Out Completely

It’s no secret that we’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to the T-Mobile G1 as of late. We’ve watched as the anticipation has built around the phone and while we expected it to have a strong showing against the iPhone, we never dreamed the G1 would get this big. T-Mobile is reporting that it’s sold out completely of the 1.5 million pre-order units that were available. Not too shabby considering it was only sold online and in areas where 3G service is available. I guess this truly shows there’s strong support for an Android-based phone.


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  1. I’m glad I got mine SUCKERS!!!! I even got the chance to see an early look at one. T-MOBILE has them in stock already. Bet ya didn’t know that???!!!!! That thing is the s@#*!!! Even the box it comes in is nice. 1.5 million gone. UPS hurry up and get here….

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