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Blizzard to Starcraft II Early Birds: “You’re Going to Have to Wait”

People have started receiving their Starcraft II pre-orders in the mail. Of course, the first thing they’re going to do is through the disc in the ole drive and start gaming away. Not so. Blizzard is restricting the general audience of getting a head start over everyone else by blocking access to the game until tomorrow. When attempting to play ...

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50,000 iPads Sold in First Two Hours; In-Store iPads Might Be in Short Supply

Multiple sources are reporting that Apple has sold an overwhelming number of iPads in the first few hours of their pre-order availability. As many as 50,000 pre-orders have been submitted to Apple for the upcoming tablet device. In fact, the orders are so overwhelming that Apple warns that supplies might come up a bit short come April 3. Apparently buyers ...

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Tearin’ Shit Up

Gamers looking for the ultimate pre-order package should look no further than Gears of War 2. If you head on over to Amazon and pre-order soon, you’ll score a life-size replica of the Lancer weapon, complete with blood-stained blade and all. Pull the trigger and you’ll hear sounds and the gun will vibrate. Just like being 8-years-old all over again. ...

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T-Mobile G1 Sells Out Completely

It’s no secret that we’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to the T-Mobile G1 as of late. We’ve watched as the anticipation has built around the phone and while we expected it to have a strong showing against the iPhone, we never dreamed the G1 would get this big. T-Mobile is reporting that it’s sold out completely of ...

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