Swiss Peace Knife: Better For Girl Scouts


A standard tool of the trade for all responsible Boy Scout’s is a Swiss Army Knife. There is no tool more well-suited for a future man, since guns are a little too harsh for 9 year olds. Now we know girl’s are mostly more delicate than the rough-and-tumble nature or boys. That’s why Boy Scout’s don’t sell cookies. It would be a besmearing to their future raging testicles.

So what tool does a Girl Scout use to replace the hell-raising army knife? The Swiss Peace Knife is a great tool for the Girl Scout and the peacenik alike. Featuring a pill box, bandages, disinfectant spray and a whistle instead of assorted knives, shovels, beer bottle openers, and other goodies. On second thought, with the amount of sexual abuse in the Boy Scout’s these days, a rape whistle might not be a bad idea. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Wow…as a girl who’s more outdoors-capable than most guys I know…that’s pretty insulting. Thanks. My Swiss Army Knife and I will not be reading further posts.

  2. This knife is marketed to pussy parents who have lost touch with reality. Girl Scouts are just as capable of using a pocketknife as Boy Scouts.

  3. This is utter nonsense. My daughter has been handling knives under supervision since she was six years old – her first knife was a Swiss Army by Victorinox. She is now eleven and active in our local girl scout troop. I should also mention that she has a collection of knives that would put most boys to shame in both quantity and quality, including some custom one-of-a-kind knives. I trust her implicitly with her knives. far moreso than any of the boys her age.

  4. How flippin sexist…do these people think Girls Scouts sit around knitting all day?!Do they no know that the founder…Juliette Lowe forged her own iron gates to her home? Pill Box and bandaids..seriously??? Girls are perfectly capable of handling knives …some more than boys. …and much more. Women tend to be a better shot too..think I’ll stick with the knives I already have.

  5. I am really upset that the girl scouts don’t have a knife anymore. I wanted to give on to my daughter who is flying up this year. I received one around the time I was advancing to juniors and loves it.

    Not that this isn’t useful but really REALLY!

  6. Wow. I am a Girl Scout leader preparing to start my girls on whittling. Our council requires whittling and knife safety lessons as steps to prepare the girls for extended camping trips. I found this post while trying to find images of Girl Scout pocket knives to put on their written test, and I have to admit my jaw dropped. In this day and age the thought that a girl should stick to band-aids and pills is totally archaic and truly offensive. Heidi, I have put in a request with our troop’s council for a 100th anniversary edition pocket knife to be produced for 2012. I was told the request would be forwarded to those working on the 100th anniversary products. If you are interested in helping to make it happen, please put in a similar request with your council. Maybe if they get enough leaders bugging them to reinstate pocket knives for our girls they will.

  7. Screw that… So sexist

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