Top 12 Weird Japanese inventions that never quite took off

Those Japanese are known for their prolific inventing. Though, being prolific doesn’t always mean being effective. As you can see from a few of the 12 pics collected, Japanese ingenuity always has its heart in the right place, but occasionally lacks a brain.

Rain water collector


Since 70% of the world covered in water isn’t enough.

Swiss Army Gardening Tool


For the billions of farmers, working the field. Clumsiest gadget…EVAR!

360 degree Camera


“I’ve got za camera on zee head. Ya, Ya, Panorama! Now I got zeet on my face!”

Napkins Feeder


Doesn’t she look beautiful?!

Solar Cigarette Lighter


Ok…only twenty more minutes and it will be lit. Then, I can destroy the environment with my smoke! Totally defeating the purpose of a solar powered lighter! Hooray!

Hair blocker


“Mmmz! I loves zee hairless noodlies!”

Andrew Dobrow

Top 12 Weird Japanese Inventions [Ueba]

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  1. it’s indeed weird… unbelievable…

  2. Why, if these pictures are of Japanese inventions, do the captions have German accents?

  3. where can i buy the hose that reduces fever? the japanese invention????????????????????????????? or can i make it?

  4. Me, myself and your mum

    HA! no…

  5. lol! where do they get their inspiration??

  6. You’ve missed the point. Completely. The inventions are satirical in themselves. Kenji Kawakami was editor of the magazine “Mail Order Life” and intended a commentary on consumerism. But the retarded west has lapped it up as ‘those crazy japanese at it again’.

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