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The Swiss Army Knife of Staplers

Perhaps one of the ugliest gadgets we’ve ever seen, at one time this was probably very useful. But now it has fallen into the bowels of obsolescence. With paper on its way out and desktop calculators way beyond their prime years, this tool might still be of some use to third world countries, but in the Western world, this would ...

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80-Tool Swiss Army SwissChamp XACT Knife

Packing in a mind-blowing 8o tools (75 of which you’ll likely never use), the Swiss Army SwissChamp XACT Knife is definitely not a pocket knife. In fact, you’ll be lucky if this thing even fits in your car. While it features all of the traditional Swiss Army stuff such as a knife, can opener and tweezers, there’s a whole crap ...

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Swiss Army Cutlery Holder

If you put enough sharp knives in the Swissarmius Cutlery Holder, you’ll have yourself one hell of a large multi-tool. While it’s not exactly pocket sized, you can cause some real damage with this thing. No longer just for survival, this kitchen gadget will keep you fully equipped to handle any emergency which might arise in the preparation of an ...

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Swiss Peace Knife: Better For Girl Scouts

A standard tool of the trade for all responsible Boy Scout’s is a Swiss Army Knife. There is no tool more well-suited for a future man, since guns are a little too harsh for 9 year olds. Now we know girl’s are mostly more delicate than the rough-and-tumble nature or boys. That’s why Boy Scout’s don’t sell cookies. It would ...

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