Sweet Book-shaped Kids’ Furniture

Erik Olofson is probably the coolest dad a kid could ask for. He’s a craftsman by trade and owns Big Cozy Books, a company that’s going to make a fortune off your kids. BCB designs and manufactures huge book-themed furniture that is intricately detailed and very swanky. Don’t show your children or they’ll be begging you for one until they’re 13.

What I want to know is how the hell did Storybook Land never have one of these things? If you’ve never heard of Storybook Land, try googling it. Proof I’m not wacked out on coffee! Huzzah!

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  1. hey wait a sec!!! THAT IS MY DAD!!! and yes… he is the coolest… and yes i do have a giant pencil in my room and a massive pink pearl up at school for those really big mistakes. For about 9 years we’ve been having a blast making this stuff and it never gets old! Glad to see you like it!

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