Sony Speakers Are Tiny, Tiny, Tiny

Sony?s new HT-IS100 home theater system has the smallest speakers of any home theater system I’ve seen to date. With 450-watts of power, these miniature speakers pack a punch that rivals many standard sized speakers. An optional wireless kit allows the two rear speakers to be hooked up without the need to run wires, keeping your setup free of cluttered wires.

The entire system goes for around $700 and includes three HDMI ports on the head unit, making it an ideal system for any Blu-ray player. Building that impressive home stereo system couldn’t come at a better price or smaller size.
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  1. Michael MacGowan

    HI was hoping to find a great tiny, tiny speaker for my Haunted attraction. I saw the (Sony HT-lS100) speaker. my question, Can you put a small speaker in each room and get a great sound if I bust them up seperate it to a recorder of sounds?

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