Floating Wireless Speaker Is Not A Flotation Device

Listening to music while relaxing in your swimming pool just got a whole lot easier. Neiman Marcus’ website is selling a floating wireless speaker for $150, which includes the base and one speaker. Any additional speakers would be an extra $100. The speakers are able to go up to 9-feet underwater for up to 30 minutes, just in case you dive on top of one. But no worries, as they can “swim” better than most people, as they won’t stay submerged. With 150 feet wireless range and up to 6 hours of battery life, the floating speaker is the perfect gadget on a sunny day by your pool.
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  1. Screw that, Have to swim to theiPod at the edge of the pool if you wana change tracks, Kinda blows the idea of relaxing while listening to music, swimming = effort = not relaxing!

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