Slaughter Pedestrians On Your Nintendo DS

So, you thought Nintendo DS had nothing more to offer than some Nintendogs and Pur Pals? Think again, you wannabe veterinarian. A new Grand Theft Auto was announced exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Bringing a whole new storyline to Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be your one (and only) chance to show those Triads that you don’t fuck around, you mean business.

Being the first GTA title for the DS, you can bet there will be a custom game engine designed for the game that will utilize the DS’s touch screen, though no specific details have been announced. We’re just hoping it has the classic top-down view from the original Grand Theft Auto we all know and love.

Chinatown will require players to ´┐Żuncover the truth behind an epic tale of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate,” says Rockstar.

Wait.. “an epic tale of crime and corruption?” Where have I heard this before? Hit the jump to find out:

Oh c’mon Rockstar. A little originality never hurt anyone! You might fool the kids, but you don’t fool us.

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