Save space with Casio XJ-S30/S35 Projector

casio portable dlp projector

Korea just got blessed by Casio with the release of the XJ-S30/S35 projector, which is super slim and super sleek compared to its predecessors. This new projector fits into places you never thought possible and consumes less energy than its over-sized competitors. The XJ-S30/S35 projector is perfect for that home entertainment system you wanted to buy, except now you donít have to sacrifice you child to get one of the new 50Ē plasmas; this will do the trick with its 2x wide-angle zoom and 2000 ANSI lumens brightness. The coolest part about this new Casio is that it is WLAN capable and has a USB port, meaning you can take your pirated movies directly from Bittorrent to your projector in your room. ¬† Casio could make this beautiful device so small with water-cooling and heat-pipe technologies, along with a few others. As of now, there is no word on pricing, but with all the capabilities of Casioís XJ-S30/S35 Projector, everyone in Korea should go and pick one up when they come out.

casio portable dlp projector

casio portable dlp projector

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Casio’s 32mm-thick super slim portable DLP projector []

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