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WTF?! Gadget of The Day: Weener Kleener, soap for the penis

Uhh, it’s soap, made for the penis. One size fits most men. This of course includes most of Africa, and some of Asia. Stereotypes are funny. I’m gonna go ahead and file this under Home Entertainment. Check out the warning on the bottom of the packaging. CAUTION: If Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak area with COLD water. I don’t ...

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Go contemporary with the Zgiga TV 2

Many people these days are trying to be unique and making their houses contemporary in ways that people have never done (there is a house that has a glass bottom pool for a roof). If youre one of these people, or you want to feel like youre going contemporary, maybe you should pray that the Zgiga  TV 2 leaves the ...

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Save space with Casio XJ-S30/S35 Projector

Korea just got blessed by Casio with the release of the XJ-S30/S35 projector, which is super slim and super sleek compared to its predecessors. This new projector fits into places you never thought possible and consumes less energy than its over-sized competitors. The XJ-S30/S35 projector is perfect for that home entertainment system you wanted to buy, except now you dont ...

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PC and TV in one: the LG-DA70

LG revealed a new PC and new TV today. Whats so special about that? Well the fact that these two products are in fact one in the same. Thats right, LG added another PCTV to the line, this time brining Koreans into the mix. Whats different about this PCTV from others is that LG took a TV and put a ...

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