Robotic Gas Station Fills Your Gas Tank Without Any Manual Labor On Your Part

If you’re not lucky enough to be a resident of the great state of New Jersey, you likely pump your own gas. I’m sure you’re used to it by now, but as a New Jerseyan, I could never get used to the manual labor. What can I say? I’ve been spoiled. The TankPitstop robotic gas attendant would eliminate the need to have anyone manning the pumps period.

The completely automated TankPitstop allows us to be as lazy as ever, without the need of any awkward human-to-human interaction. And RFID chip sticker is placed inside of your windshield. The chip lets the robot know what model of car you’re driving, allowing the robot to adjust to the correct height and angle of your gas nozzle. Anything that reduces the hand-to-gas-station contact ratio is good in my opinion. My hands get raw from all the�washing.

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  1. The RFID chip could only go so far with giving the computer the dimensions for the car… Look at all the slammed Civics and jacked-up pickup trucks. As long as there’s a manual override, I guess it could be a good idea. Think of all the bitchy rich women in Mercedes Benzes that wouldn’t have to put up with people that are ‘beneath them’ anymore!

  2. It is amazing that people who cant afford a Mercedes Benz, say that bitchy rich woman drive them, Get a life and dont judge people like that, My wife drives a Mercedes and is not a “bitch” and probably and couldnt meet a nicer person! A woman who drives a Chevy could be the bitch.

  3. The author of this piece is a phony ! It’s been years now since any driver in New Jersey has been allowed to pump his or her own gas.

  4. Helmut: That’s exactly what I said. We do not pump our own gas at all.

  5. My name is Brian, I drive a Cadillac CTS and I’m an asshole.

    Wow! That feels better! NOW, PUMP MY GAS!


  6. In most states other than NJ, the Big Oil companies got their way again, by having their customers do their dirty work; pumping gas.

  7. How does the auto fill pump unlock and/or remove the gas cap?” How does it compensate for different size, custom or modified suspension systems up or down? How does it determine if you want regular, or premium gas? How does it compensate if the driver is too far out, forward, or back of the pump? What if the tank fill is at rear center, or you have to lower the license plate or open the rear taillight to get to the gas tank?

    Hybrid cars have both gas and electric fill and charge points right beside each other – how idiotic is that?

    Fueling stations who have electric charge and fuel pumps right next to each other on the same isles should be blown up before they open.

    The idea of the keyed pump nozzle is good.

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