Recycled Vinyl Record Wallet: Sticky Finger greed

recycled record album wallets

With the risk of sounding feminine considered, these Recycled Vinyl Record Wallets are listed as a “for her” product on its product page. What the hell? It might just be the least feminine money holder on the market, since we don’t think the beef jerky wallet has been made yet.

With your choice of Sgt. Peppers (Beatles, of course), Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones), and Double Dynamite (Elvis, but why?!), the actual record and original case are used to produce the wallet. Both are cut into fitted rectangular pieces for the wallets template, then attached to mounted wood which is described as “super-durable”.

We’re not sure if there will be enough room to store everything (even though the product page says that there is a plastic slot for your license, a carbon checkbook divider, and slots for cards and cash), but who needs space when you look this cool? If these wallets are a “for her” product, you can start calling us Herfuse. — Andrew Dobrow

Recycled Record Album Wallets [via Neatorama]

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  1. These wallets ROCK!
    You can find them at
    They are no longer made like the picture above but much slimmer and lighter and they are very durable. They put a beautiful coat over the album and the company donates a % to the worlds rainforest and are a WWF parnter. Great company with beautiful unique works of functional art! They also just released sk8 wallets made from used skateboard decks.

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