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LEGO Wallets Let You Customize Your Brick Experience

Hand-made to order, these LEGO Wallets are shipped with a bunch of loose bricks and a wallet which integrates a base plate right into its design. The owner of the wallet is encouraged to create their own brick designs with the included LEGO pieces. Simply build your own color scheme upon the clean slate of the base plate.

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Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets

Here’s a DIY I’d like you to see It’s something that’ll make you happy Wallets with faces made from duct tape The Count is there but now he doesn’t have his cape Cookie Monster always eats a lot Elmo looks like he’s been smoking pot Bert and Ernie will get lost in your couch And no one wants to buy ...

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Redefining Wallets: One Of A Kind Recyclables

What could you possibly use a beaten up tennis ball for, other than a moving aid for a desk? “Not much.” would be the correct answer. Unless, of course, you’re pretty damn creative like the eco-friendly designer of these Redefining Wallets, made from recycled products ranging from trading cards to old tires to ticket stubs. Redefining Wallets offers a range ...

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Recycled Vinyl Record Wallet: Sticky Finger greed

With the risk of sounding feminine considered, these Recycled Vinyl Record Wallets are listed as a “for her” product on its product page. What the hell? It might just be the least feminine money holder on the market, since we don’t think the beef jerky wallet has been made yet. With your choice of Sgt. Peppers (Beatles, of course), Sticky ...

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