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Star Wars Celebrities: Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo

If Star Wars was reproduced as a modern parody, who would be cast in the hilariously sacrilegious resulting film? Photoshop contest headquarters Worth1000.com has it covered with their Celebrity Star Wars contest. My three favorites are Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo. Lambchop just looks so much cuddlier as an Ewok!

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Recycled Vinyl Record Wallet: Sticky Finger greed

With the risk of sounding feminine considered, these Recycled Vinyl Record Wallets are listed as a “for her” product on its product page. What the hell? It might just be the least feminine money holder on the market, since we don’t think the beef jerky wallet has been made yet. With your choice of Sgt. Peppers (Beatles, of course), Sticky ...

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