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As My Rock Band Guitar Gently Weeps

Originally people thought that the Beatles would make an appearance in the latest Rock Band game. It turns out that MTV Networks announced a deal with the Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, to create a Beatles-branded music video game. The same developers behind Rock Band will be making the game, apart from its already successful Rock Band franchise. “The project ...

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Cassette Tape Tote Bag for iconic retro finesse

You might of loved the Cassette Tape Wallet, but thought to yourself “Wow, my gun definitely won’t fit in that”. For those of you for more to carry, here’s the Cassette Tape Tote Bag. While it might be depressing that an item that you used so often is now being used in an iconic novelty products made from plastic, don’t ...

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Recycled Vinyl Record Wallet: Sticky Finger greed

With the risk of sounding feminine considered, these Recycled Vinyl Record Wallets are listed as a “for her” product on its product page. What the hell? It might just be the least feminine money holder on the market, since we don’t think the beef jerky wallet has been made yet. With your choice of Sgt. Peppers (Beatles, of course), Sticky ...

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