Rat Brain Robot Is As Evasive As The Real Thing

In The Matrix, robots are self-aware of their existence. This is a bad thing as it eventually leads to the enslavement of mankind. The idea of a human brain inside a robot is intriguing for anyone whose ever wanted to put their brain in a robot body to become an Adrian Barbobot. Scientists are getting closer to that vision, having equipped a small robot with rat neurons to control itself.

An interesting trait of the artificial brain is that it can get bored. If it doesn’t receive any information from the electrodes it’s connected to, the neurons will break the connections, likewise, when the neurons are stimulated, more connections are formed. The robot that was built runs on wheels with an ultrasound sensor enabling it to spot when it is approaching a wall and redirect itself accordingly. That’s great and all but could’t you just do that with an Arduino?

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  1. The precursor to robots stealing our organs to feel more real. Our organs rotting away in some robot so it can say it has a heart or thinks. Robots going to clubs and laughing at all the human organs that are being ripped out of living being just for the discussions they are having. Ah ah ah. So crude an viral are the humans not giving us their feelings with their organs. I’m going to get a nevous system so I can claim I’m paranoid.

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