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Human Body Parts Now Being Used To Transmit Broadband Data

If tubes, wires and air data isn’t enough to wrap your fleshy human mass around, Researchers at Korea University in Seoul havesuccessfullyaccomplished something that might change the world, but probably won’t. They’ve successfully transmitted broadband data through a human arm at speeds up to 10 mb/s. The data is transferred using two electrodes placed on their skin 30 centimetres apart, ...

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Rat Brain Robot Is As Evasive As The Real Thing

In The Matrix, robots are self-aware of their existence. This is a bad thing as it eventually leads to the enslavement of mankind. The idea of a human brain inside a robot is intriguing for anyone whose ever wanted to put their brain in a robot body to become an Adrian Barbobot. Scientists are getting closer to that vision, having ...

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Singularity Is Creepy And Inevitable

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside the head of Lando Calrissian’s cyborg-liaison, Lobot, engineers at Caltech have created a robotic device intended to be used as a brain to computer interface. By positioning electrodes in neural tissue, we’ll be able to turn organic beings into mindless robot drones. This technology is at a primitive stage in time, but ...

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