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Taxidermy Rodent Accessories Might Give You the Plague

I’m not sure how comfortable you would be using a hair comb adorned with a taxidermy guinea pig. On one hand, these taxidermy rodent accessories are unique, not as dirty as living rodents and won’t leave a trail of rice sized turds. And on the other hand, it’s a fucking dead rodent. And these particular rodents aren’t even cute compared ...

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Rat Brain Robot Is As Evasive As The Real Thing

In The Matrix, robots are self-aware of their existence. This is a bad thing as it eventually leads to the enslavement of mankind. The idea of a human brain inside a robot is intriguing for anyone whose ever wanted to put their brain in a robot body to become an Adrian Barbobot. Scientists are getting closer to that vision, having ...

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Pigeons Are Hip And Tech Savvy

Who says pigeons are merely rats with wings? You show me a rat who can use an iPhone like this pigeon and I’ll believe it. Until then, pigeons are just as hip and tech savvy as a remote controlled pigeon or a pigeon with an ass camera. Now does someone want to explain why this gentleman has a pigeon in ...

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