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Rat Brain Robot Is As Evasive As The Real Thing

In The Matrix, robots are self-aware of their existence. This is a bad thing as it eventually leads to the enslavement of mankind. The idea of a human brain inside a robot is intriguing for anyone whose ever wanted to put their brain in a robot body to become an Adrian Barbobot. Scientists are getting closer to that vision, having ...

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Uber Ultrasound For Impatient Women

Are you an impatient mother who can’t hold onto her diaphragm without worrying if the fetus in her womb will develop sickle-cell anemia? Well no worries, tubby, because Royal Philips Electronics wants to turn those awkward and impersonal ultrasounds into something “much more playful,” says Frank Rettenbacher, a product designer for Philips. Now, that’s just fucking creepy. Philips researchers were ...

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Clean your clothes with this rude-looking ultrasound Whitey Pika at home

We’ve seen how funky gadgets can produce a steam jet to clear up stains, or how a UV cleaner can clean a suit in one day, how about ultrasound? Bearmax has migrated the technology that you’ve seen in lens cleaning machines at sunglasses shops to this pocketable gun-shaped Ultrasound Cleaner. By vibrating 50000 times per second, the sound wave is ...

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