Clean your clothes with this rude-looking ultrasound Whitey Pika at home

bearmax whitey pika uw-800

We’ve seen how funky gadgets can produce a steam jet to clear up stains, or how a UV cleaner can clean a suit in one day, how about ultrasound? Bearmax has migrated the technology that you’ve seen in lens cleaning machines at sunglasses shops to this pocketable gun-shaped Ultrasound Cleaner. By vibrating 50000 times per second, the sound wave is supposed to shake off anything from lipstick mark, chololate, engine oil, tomato sauce, curry, mud and blood off your clothes, wall and carpet. Excellent for after-party. Impress Japan even took this thing for a test and managed to scrap some rust off a coin. Next time before you try using some toxic chemicals, try the ultrasound cleaner. Save the environment and save some babies (ultrasound is safe for babies in tummies, remember?). It’s all about cool physics. You can pick up one of these for $42 in ┬áJapan (of course). — Sam Chan

Bearmax Whitey Pika UW-800 Review [Impress] Product page [Bearmax]

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