So SEGA is still in business somehow and it’s latest offering comes in the form of a Japanese arcade unit called RAMBO. Based on the latest Sly Stallone flick, this light gun shooter is packed with cheesy movie clips and horrible gameplay. For instance:

All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. So no news there. But what is so �unique� about Rambo is that you have to keep the trigger button pressed at all times because you are killing whole armies with an Uzi – there are no single shots.

Sounds like a home run. There’s even an “Anger Meter,” which when filled up, allows you to go batshit crazy on enemies for a limited amount of time. Guns, arcade action and John Rambo. Does it get any better? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. It certainly does not.

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