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So SEGA is still in business somehow and it’s latest offering comes in the form of a Japanese arcade unit called RAMBO. Based on the latest Sly Stallone flick, this light gun shooter is packed with cheesy movie clips and horrible gameplay. For instance: All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. ...

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I’m tempted to say, “Title says it all.” and be done with this post but I can’t get over how funny these SCIENCE! t-shirts are. My favorite is the scientist with the cowboy hat riding what appears to be an amoeba. Link (via)

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I’d Feel Up A Chick With Beerhandles

Is 9:15AM too early to drink? Seriously, you can be straight with me. Because at the moment, I’m desperately craving one of these Beerhandles. For $10, it snaps on to my beer can so that I can hold it like a mug. Why don’t I just hold the can? Because I sweat too much. It’s a glandular problem and the ...

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