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Konami Brings Silent Scope To The iPhone

Miss the days of 2000 when you spent the summer at a boardwalk arcade, endlessly dropping quarters into Silent Scope and King of Fighters ’99? I do. Lucky for me, Konami feels my pain and is bringing the classic sniper rifle shooter to the iPhone. Says Konami VP of Mobile and Online: “With the release of Silent Scope on the ...

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So SEGA is still in business somehow and it’s latest offering comes in the form of a Japanese arcade unit called RAMBO. Based on the latest Sly Stallone flick, this light gun shooter is packed with cheesy movie clips and horrible gameplay. For instance: All you do is press one button and kill (almost) everything on the screen that moves. ...

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Killzone 2 Multiplayer Screenshots

If you’re not excited for Killzone 2 then you probably lack skill in first-person shooters. With online modes revolving around class-based skirmishes and support for up to 32 players, how could you not be excited? Step aside Call Of Duty 4, there’s a new first-person shooter on the rise. These new screenshots of multiplayer action are compliments of the fine ...

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Frat boy meets fanboy in the Nintendo Fraternity House

There’s a fine line between being a fan and being a fanatic. This Nintendo-themed Frat House is off the charts fanaticism at its very finest. A chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon decided to turn their master quarters into a Nintendo fanboy’s dream. The frat features a laser shooter staircase, a Duck Hunt inspired foyer, paper-mache characters, and other Nintendo references ...

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