Pixos Is Essentially A Recalled Children’s Toy

Slick marketing is an evil and effective way to get things done your way. Take for instance the Pixos Super Studio I found on Random Good Stuff. At first, it looks like a cool kids toy that uses water and beads to paint “pixelated” pictures that can turn into toys. The product description states:

Just add water, and watch in amazement as the PixOs beads magically fuse together to create a work of art. When you�re done with your creation, finish it off by using the studio�s built-in dryer. Studio comes with 500 PixOs, two design trays, five double-sided templates, two instruction booklets, spray bottle, super studio unit with built-in storage, dryer and pen dispenser. Refills sold separately.

Then I noticed it looked oddly familiar. Where had I seen this before? Oh yes, that’s right. The previously recalled Aqua Dots! Remember? The little beads that you draw with were coated with date rape drug GHB, enabling kids to slowly die and teenagers to slowly trip out. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump for the proof.

Boom. See? Same exact machine. I fucking knew it. So if Aqua Dots were recalled, what’s to stop Pixos from poisoning your children? Looks like the same device with a different name, at least to me. Buyer beware.


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  1. Did you consider whether they changed the formula of the beads or not? What makes more sense; company changes product and renames it for obvious reasons, Or company re-issues identical toy with new name and patiently waits for the lawsuits to come rolling in? I hope said company is not so stupid to do #2.

  2. so is this the same shit or not? cause I just bought it for my KIDS. And if it is, then that is really JACKED…

  3. I’ve just spent quite a bit of time researching Pixos vs. AquaDots and yes they r made by the same company but they just spent 6months reformulating and toxalogy testing the new formula. My daughter really wants these so Ive looked into it and most of the things i can find say they should be safe. but do ur own research and have ur kids keep them out of there mouth just in case

  4. Ok, I bought this for a christmas present for a boy i babysit for and he loves it … i was un aware of the GHB drug that was in aqua dots, however … pixos is re formulated… and is safe, to even prove it, the families 3 year old put a completes pixo in his mouth… nothing happened to him he is healthy even to this very day!

    my advice… do your own research and dont go off hear say and opinion … (for example: the comment above posted by Alpha-Q…. –that person obviously just has hard feelings)

  5. wasted money, daughter is really upset. do not recommend this toy, buy something else. just our opinion. good luck. always read reviews, scored really low, but i still bought it because the kids begged me for it.

  6. Vince – What kind of person uses that kind of language, especially about children’s toys? I can’t take your opinion seriously about anything!

  7. I purchased this item for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas this year. It is JUNK!! It doesn’t do what they claim it will do. Sure the machine operates and the pixos fall down the tube and you can place them on the template, but don’t think it’s going to stay together. It doesn’t. Even after 5 to 20 minutes under the drying fan it still falls apart when you attempt to remove it from the design plate. IT IS JUNK!! Then when I called to ask for my money back they told me there was nothing they could do because it had been more than 30 days. Who waits to get their childs Christmas present until the last minute?? So we are stuck with this JUNK and out almost $40.00.

  8. I am shocked! I went to pick up my son from daycare today and as we walked out he asked if we were still going to make pixos when we got home (a gift i bought him for xmas). anyhow, the daycare teacher then informs me that they were toxic and had been recalled. Im not sure it that is true. From what i have read, aqua dots was recalled last year, but pixos is fr the same company and basically the same product, wether they have changed the formula or not, i trashed it. Dylan cried when i told him we couldnt play, and i felt terrible. Thats sum bull, what a shame!

  9. These suck. I bought them for my kids and they don’t work. They just make a sticky mess and the beads stick to the molds and don’t come out easily. If you don’t spray them enough, they don’t hold together and fall apart, if you spray too much, they’re just impossible to get out of the mold without getting the sticky adhesive everywhere and they take forever to dry . Save your $$ and buy the ones that you use your clothes iron to melt together, you’ll be happier and have less of these little beads all over the place. I can’t believe they can sell such garbage.

  10. You people just must be slow or something and cant operate a simple childrens toy,me and my son havent had any problems at all,works exactly as described for us,the beads stay together.As for the beads containing GHB,how about you just watch your kid like you should and make sure they dont ingest enough to kill themselves even if they were laced with a chemical such as GHB.

  11. Hi,my kids love this toy. But the problem is that the beads have gotten stuck under the part that moves around and now the beads get stuck. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to solve it?

  12. thats weird oim 12 and wanted these for christmas never mind i dont want to die

  13. They took the drug out of Pixos. With the drug out it just seems like it dry slower. I think the drug made it dry faster…

  14. I just bought these for my daughter and they did not work! They did not stick together but more importantly she had a reaction to them!!!! She broke out in hives all over her entire body the hives were the size of quarters! They went away with medicine and have came back three times. I called the company and they are picking them up for testing. They would not release the contents of the glue to me? Beware search rashes caused by Pixos and read!

  15. k well i have pixos and they work just fine thank you and i even tried eating one and it did not poison me and they took out the stuff that was making children sick

  16. We have always followed the directions to wash hands after use and so far no problems. Except….when she tried to remove the design it was stuck and one bead came off, bounced through the kitchen and sure enough the too-fast dog got it. At first I thought he was ok as it was only one piece. Within 4 minutes the 65 lb dog was violently throwing up. This was my first clue that something wasn’t right. Good thing his stomach knew better and got rid of something noxious. The next time we are at the vet, I will ask if they know of any other reactions. I haven’t taken them away just yet, but the DD has been warned they might be heading for the trash bin pending some research.

  17. I bought it for my kids and they say it does not work at all. I wish I had not wasted $10 just for sonething that can not work.

  18. Yeah these pixos or aqua dots are too dangerous. I was unaware of the poisin factor but that jusst makes my son’s sittuation wrse. My son is 6yrs old and some how got a pixo stuck down his ear canal. I have taken him to the ER and the children’s hospital and no success. Apprently they are real slimy when wet, and stick when dry so my son has endured agonizig pain and is not finished. He sees a specailist in three days nd may need surgery!

  19. angela daidone, I’m a 11 year old who has a cousin about my age, and she just bought pixos recently. I’m worried because she has a dog almost a year old and about her too…

    P.S. I can imagine his pain, once they had to take out earwax out of my ear with a tiny special spoon, but your son is probaly going to experience severe pain.

    P.s.s. why does he have it in his ear canal in the first place.

  20. Good point larry

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