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Chinese Cell Phone Can Take A Swim, Fall From Tall Buildings

Fujitsu was once known for bathing cell phones as well as dirty Asian model girls, but a new Chinese phone, the CK800, can do so much more. Not only can this bad boy take a bath to wipe clean your bad breath residue, but it can take a fall like a professional wrestler. The CK800 is water and shock resistant, ...

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DoCoMo’s ego-crushing phone

When we talk about DoCoMo, you either have no idea what it is or you start thinking about those super high-spec phones. At the CEATEC show this morning, apart from the usual amazing line-up, a really cool-looking but very, very mean concept phone was spotted. DoCoMo said that this Wellness concept phone was supposed to help raise the health awareness ...

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Video: Toshiba tortures their own notebooks in front of the press

Toshiba Japan upgraded their Dynabook SS notebook computer this morning. During the press conference, the dudes were so proud of their new 19.5mm thin sexy magnesium body that they dropped the notebook from a height of 70cm. (Video 1 2) See? It’s still working. If that is still not enough, try pouring coffee (Video 3 4). Sorry, no Fujitsu tub ...

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Scan your graphs directly into MS Excel

Most of the scanners in market nowadays have OCR functions, that is, they can recognize the alphabets on the paper and convert them into texts (not graphics). More advanced scanners can scan documents and safe them directly as PDF or MS Word files. PFU, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Japan has just brought out a scanner that can scan your graphs ...

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DoCoMo announces 703i series, BRAVIA SO903iTV and double internal screen D800iDS

Just 4 hours after AU KDDI’s announcement, NTT DoCoMo announced the new WCDMA 703i series in Tokyo. Nothing out of our expectation as we wrote about before. Also announced are the SonyEricsson BRAVIA SO903iTV DMB phone and Mitsubishi’s double-internal screen D900iDS, both of which Gearfuse premiered on Sunday. The 703i series is the mid-low end of DoCoMo’s 3G portfolio, so ...

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Gearfuse Plumbers: NTT DoCoMo fashion 3G 703i series leaked

We ┬ámanaged to get hold of pictures of almost the whole 703i series from NTT DoCoMo and we’re really excited about the announcement. The 703i series is the mid-range WCDMA line of NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA 3G service. It consists of Fujitsu F703i, Mitsubishi D703i, NEC N703iD (same design as N702iD), N703iu, Panasonic P703i, P703iu, Sharp SH703i, SonyEricsson SO703i. We’ll keep ...

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