Scan your graphs directly into MS Excel

pfu scansnap s510

Most of the scanners in market nowadays have OCR functions, that is, they can recognize the alphabets on the paper and convert them into texts (not graphics). More advanced scanners can scan documents and safe them directly as PDF or MS Word files. PFU, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Japan has just brought out a scanner that can scan your graphs into MS Excel. The new ScanSnap S510 can scan paper sizes from small business cards up to A3. Scanning speed at 150dpi is 18 sheets per minute, it can also perform scanning at up to 600dpi but at a much slower speed obviously. Bundled with the $500 kit is Adobe Acrobat Standard, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap and a couple of more ScanSnap softwares. The ordering opens today, but the scanners will be shipped in early February. — Sam Chan

Press Release [PFU]

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