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Energizer Energi To Go saves the day for travellers

Now here is a very usefull product from Energizer that nearly every traveller can use. The Energizer Energi To Go allows anyone to take two AA batteries, place then in the Energi To Go, and charge their cellphones or other devices with those AAs. With the problems that are to be had with cellphone batteries dying at unexpected times or ...

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Anshin-Navi GPS phones for the kiddies

Japan’s second largest mobile operator AU KDDI announced 3 new phones this morning, but we are more interested in their upgraded service “Anshin-Navi”. The Sanyo A5525SA and Sweets Cute phones are targeted to young kids. Their parents can subscribe to the Anshin-Navi service which automatically detects the phone’s location by GPS, and check it on their phones or PCs. What’s ...

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Macworld: Apple Keynote Speech

9:06- There is constant alternative pop music playing. Gnarls Barkley, Beck, Gorillaz, Sheryl Crow. The usual. 9:07- Booming voice, this baby is starting… or just telling us that we should turn off our cellphones. 9:10- No luck with wireless network signal. 9:13- I Feel Good by James Brown. It’s possible someone will have a seizure from all of these flashes. ...

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Parking Meter Alarm: relieve yourself from parking tickets

There are 2 situations you never want to be in with a parking meter: first, when you get to one only to realize you have no quarters, and second, when you come back to your car, arms loaded with bags, only to find you got a parking ticket for being 5 minutes late. What�s great about the Parking Meter Alarm ...

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Zap germs with Handheld Germ Eliminating Light

It�s amazing and annoying how many people are germ-freaks these days; they always ruin your fun because they are scared of some �e-coli� germ or something.   Well now you can shut them up once and for all because their lifesaving gadget has arrived: the Handheld Germ Eliminating Light. This cell-phone sized device uses nanotechnology to eliminate nearly 100% (have ...

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Spot Review: Toshiba TX80 UMTS phone

Gearfuse is bringing you reviews that you have never seen before, we call them spot reviews. No boos and no fancy paragraphs going on and on. Everything is kept in a precise and concise manner, covering absolutely everything you need to know whether you were thinking of buying or not. As we announced it a few days ago, here is ...

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