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More domestic style than you or I can hope to amass in a lifetime�displayed in ten seconds. We might want to think about what that says for style... We so badly want to be our things. Video after the jump.

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Wikileaks and the End of Stolen Kisses

Slavoj �i�ek says that Wikileaks is hated not because of the secrets it has revealed, but because it exposed the cynicism of a system that has long stopped believing in the values it imagines itself to uphold. It's a problem not only for diplomacy and governance, but for the eroding distinction between public and private life.

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Woman Kills Her Baby for Interrupting Farmville Session

If you shake your baby to death for ANY reason, you have more problems to worry about than Farmville addiction, but this is a case of Zynga devotion taken to a whole new level. 22 year-old Jacksonsville, Florida resident Alexandra V. Tobias shook her baby to death after the three-month old Dylan Lee Edmondson had been crying during a rousing ...

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