Common Mistakes to Avoid on a Date With a Russian Girl


Foreigners always feel anxious before the date with a Russian lady: different cultures, different languages and value systems and so on. Plus the fact that the first date is a chance to make a good impression and have another date often makes the men go out of their ways to appear better than they really are. This often leads to silly mistakes that can just turn Russian women off. Here are the major stupid things men tend to do on the dates with beautiful women. You should be aware of them in order not to screw up your date.

  1. Focusing only on your personality.

    It’s clear that you want to tell her as much as possible about yourself to get her interested in your personality. She wants to get to know you better as well. In order not to turn your conversation into your unstoppable monologue, answer her questions in three sentences. Always remember to give her enough time to tell you about herself. Show her your genuine interest in what she’s telling you and ask her some questions as she unfolds her story. Women appreciate it very much when they see that a man listens carefully with a curious look on his face.

  2. Disregarding her state of mind.

    Many careless men don’t notice when a woman gets bored on a date. That is why you should be alert and once you see her yawning, looking around or at her watch, do something to improve the situation (change the topic, tell a joke, offer to change the venue etc). The quickest way to “wake her up” is to ask her a challenging question or the one that will make her ponder over it.

  3. Being too vulgar.

    Women often complain that some men start telling them how beautiful they are or how they like their sexy dresses as soon as the date starts. It’s weird for Russian women to hear that from a person they hardly know. No doubt, any woman is flattered to know that she is attractive and desired, but she feels very uncomfortable when a man starts undressing her with his eyes without her explicit reciprocal signal. Of course, you want to show your interest in her and hint that you liked her. The best way for doing that on your first date is just being an interesting interlocutor. Russian women value meaningful conversations and consider them even more exciting than man’s sexual remarks. By showing your genuine interest in what she says, you are already demonstrating that you find her sexy.

  4. Discussing your previous relationships.

    One of the tabooed topics on the first dates is your exes. If you have a very touching story starring your ex and yourself, keep it for the tenth date when you two will be ready to discuss your past life. It’s also bad manners to ask your date about her exes. Just forget about this topic for the time you are with your beautiful Russian girl. There are so many other subjects to touch upon.

  5. Being too gentle and nice.

    When a man is too nice, women see him as desperate and weak. Sentimental and flattering messages put most women off. Russian girls want a confident and dominant man by their side, so if you seem to her lame and transparent, you can forget about the second date. The point is to stay or just pretend to be self-assured even if you’re disarmed by her beauty.

  6. Showing up in untidy clothes.

    Russian women care not only about their appearances but about their partner’s appearance as well. However, there are some men who can’t even think that they have to make special preparations for the upcoming date. Men of this type neglect grooming, shaving, polishing shoes before going out with a girl. Of course, you don’t want to shock your date with your scruffy appearance that is why put on clean and ironed shirt, cologne, and don’t forget about good manners.

  7. Creating too formal atmosphere.

    Your purpose should be to make your Russian woman feel relaxed and at ease. Firstly, you should calm down and take a positive approach to your date. View this date as an opportunity to have fun with a gorgeous woman and enjoy her company.

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