4 Reasons to encourage Your Teenage Daughter to Play Video Games

Despite the video games industry being one of the most prosperous industries in the world, there exists a large gap between how players of different genders are perceived in the society. Teenage girls are still discouraged to play these games because they’re mostly directed for boys. Because of some faulty researches connecting violent mindsets to video games, many parents also fear the effects video games might have on their daughter’s mentality and mental health.

Video games, however, have proved to have very few ill effects on kids who play them. In fact, most of the bad effects seemed to have come about only after playing them for an excessively long amount of time with almost no breaks. When played in moderation and with a limited amount of time allotted to it, video games actually have many benefits. It can be extremely useful in the long run and you should encourage your daughters to play video games and not perceive it as an activity that only boys should engage in.

  • Video games increase problem-solving abilities.

Most well built video games present constant challenges of varying levels of difficulties, and the players have to think fast to pull themselves out of them. To win these games, you need to assess the problems you’re faced with, observe your surroundings and make smart decisions within very short periods of time. Being exposed to situations that require someone to think like this help young people prepare for challenging situations in real life.

Basic mental skills like attention, perception, decision-making and memory can be vastly improved by playing video games. These games are like intense work-outs for the brain. They require players to have keen observational skills, retain a lot of information and make wise decisions within a fraction of a second. All these mental exercises give a boost to our cognitive skills and can be very useful later in life.

  • Video games may help prevent mental decay.

Because video games are so good for improving cognitive abilities, they have many positive effects on the brain. Like exercises in mental math and crossword puzzles, video games need full attention and concentration. This level of brain activity strengthens the brain and slows down the aging process. A person who plays video games regularly is very likely to be mentally alert and quick, and the earlier they start the greater are the chances of being able to keep at it even in old age.

  • Video games can decrease the effects of stress and anxiety disorders.

In this day and age when high school students are bogged down with anxiety about school and their future, video games can act as stress relievers. These games can improve children’s moods and help them relax for them to be able to properly apply themselves.

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