Obama and Biden Unleash iPhone App

In a terrible attempt to stay partisan, we’ll just point you to the link on the iTunes store where you can download a Obama/Biden ’08 iPhone application. It has campaign news, an Election Day ticker, donate button and plenty of other information. You can even call your friends to get the word out. Anyone used it? Decent? Since McCain has admitted he’s out of touch with technology, I doubt we’ll see an iPhone app from him anytime soon.


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  1. Obama 08 is very cool app. But if you spend 2 or more hours in front of your computer(may be for campaigning), you should try Clip2Mobile for iPhone. more info http://www.clip2mobile.net

    Clip2mobile will transfer notes, make calls, add contacts, launch map, launch urls..etc all from your computer. No more typing on your iPhone.. perfect To Go application. Try it today. BTW its free

  2. I like the app but I wonder how many people actually use it. I dont have an iPhone so I wonder how the calling feature works.

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