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Campaign-O-Lanterns Scare Off Liberals And Conservatives Alike

Halloween is upon us, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for some spooky home decorations that will surely scare the kids. What could be more frightening than pumpkin carvings of your favorite (or least favorite) politicians? Nothing comes to mind. These “campaign-o-lanterns” offer a slew of PDFs you can use to begin carving your political pumpkins. I don’t know about ...

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Obama and Biden Unleash iPhone App

In a terrible attempt to stay partisan, we’ll just point you to the link on the iTunes store where you can download a Obama/Biden ’08 iPhone application. It has campaign news, an Election Day ticker, donate button and plenty of other information. You can even call your friends to get the word out. Anyone used it? Decent? Since McCain has ...

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Run, Hacker, Run!

It didn’t take long before the person responsible for hacking into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account was traced. Thanks to the wonders of IP addresses, the one responsible for the intrusion was traced back to an ISP of a Knoxville, Tennessee student housing complex that is now under federal investigation. Acting upon a search warrant early Sunday morning, the FBI showed ...

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Sarah Palin’s Tech Troubles

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be working the whole naughty librarian vibe, but she’s apparently having a little bit of trouble with the internet. After John McCain revealed that he had chosen the Alaskan governor as his running mate, editors discovered that several new users had spent hours leading up to the announcement making 30 flattering edits to ...

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