Nintendo DSi Officially Announced

After Nintendo’s dodgy business of denying the speculation of its new handheld’s existence, the company cracked, officially announcing the DSi. Could it be trying any harder to be an iPhone? Nintendo cut the GBA slot from its Lite model, meaning no more backwards compatibly for you Pokemon-lovers. To make up for this loss, the screens are 17 percent larger and the whole unit is 2.6mm thinner than the DS Lite. As speculated, it will come packed with a VGA camera and it’s got music playback. What wasn’t mentioned was the on-board memory, built-in Web browser and SD slots enabling the transfer of images to the Wii Photo Channel.

The DSi is starting to sound more and more like an Apple product. Nintendo will even be launching a DSi store that’ll release downloadable content via WiFi. Look for Nintendo’s new handheld November 1st if you’re in Japan and have $180 bucks on you. If you’re in America, you’ll just have to wait.

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