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Nintendo DSi Officially Announced

After Nintendo’s dodgy business of denying the speculation of its new handheld’s existence, the company cracked, officially announcing the DSi. Could it be trying any harder to be an iPhone? Nintendo cut the GBA slot from its Lite model, meaning no more backwards compatibly for you Pokemon-lovers. To make up for this loss, the screens are 17 percent larger and ...

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Dual Touchscreen Gives Gamers A Potential Date

No, it’s not the Nintendo DS in arcade form, it’s a touch panel display that can be operated by touching either side of the panel. It’s almost two-player Nintendo DS action except it has lame graphics and a wall separating the players. That’s alright, Tic-Tac-Toe is still a kick ass game. Teraokaseiko Co Ltd. displayed this technology at the Sign ...

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Is It a Candle or a Lamp? Make Up Your Fuckin’ Mind

Designer Adrien Rovero got confused when coming up with the Candlelight electric light. Half romantic candlelight dinner, half-end-table study lamp. You’ll either impress your date for the evening or confuse her. It’s a simple decision: light the candle or flick the switch? Or you could even light ’em both up simultaneously. After dropping $150 on this dual light source, you’ll ...

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