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You’ll Never Want To Eat The Nintendo DSi Toast

No matter how delicious this perfectly crisped piece of toast might look, how could you ever really eat this awesome Nintendo DSi toast and remain of sound mind. I would regret it for the rest of my days. But my tummy is rumbling. Ahhhh, I hate hard decisions. Link [via]

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Crystal Clear Nintendo DSi Shell

Personally, putting new shells on consoles was never my thing. I never understood why someone would risk taking apart their shiny new PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast so that they could wrap it up in a clear, translucent layer of plastic. But such is life, as well as this Nintendo DSi case. Created by accessories manufacturer XCM, the shell lets you ...

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Nintendo DSi Officially Announced

After Nintendo’s dodgy business of denying the speculation of its new handheld’s existence, the company cracked, officially announcing the DSi. Could it be trying any harder to be an iPhone? Nintendo cut the GBA slot from its Lite model, meaning no more backwards compatibly for you Pokemon-lovers. To make up for this loss, the screens are 17 percent larger and ...

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